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5 Frequently Asked Questions About 24-Hour Home Care for Seniors

Does your loved one require permanent supervision due to age-related decline or an advancing illness?

Hiring 24-hour home care is a viable option for families who may not wish to move their elderly loved ones to residential facilities. This allows seniors to have more time surrounded by familiar people and things that bring them joy, comfort, and a sense of belonging.

Round-the-clock home care can also be a temporary solution for older adults who need assistance while recovering from an injury or surgery. It can also be a short-term arrangement to allow family caregivers to get a much-needed break.

Undecided about hiring 24-hour home care? Below we address the most common concerns and questions about this home care service.

When should we consider 24-hour care for our elderly loved one?

Your loved one may need round-the-clock supervision if they:

  • Have a higher risk for slip and fall accidents. This includes older adults with:

  • Limited ability to move around on their own either due to physical decline or chronic health conditions

  • Vertigo

  • Neuromuscular disorders such as myopathies and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

  • Cognitive disorders like dementia

  • Visual disorders like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataract

  • Medications that can decrease alertness or cause orthostatic hypotension (a condition wherein the blood pressure drops when one stands up after sitting or lying down)

  • Wandering risks

  • Suffer from sundown syndrome

  • Have trouble sleeping and tend to get out of bed several times at night

  • Have just been discharged from the hospital after an injury, illness, or surgery and require continuous monitoring

  • Require assistance with eating and drinking

How much does 24-hour in-home care cost?

Send us a message or call us so we can send you a no-obligation cost estimate. If you have long-term, life, or health insurance, our Florida-licensed agent can offer a complimentary analysis of your insurance benefits. What are the differences between 24-hour senior caregivers and live-in caregivers?

Our 24-hour senior caregivers work on 12-hour rotations, ensuring that someone is actively supervising your loved one at all times. Because 24-hour caregivers do not have to take breaks or sleep during their shift, patients are never left unwatched, even late at night and in the early morning. Regular rotations also ensure caregivers are well-rested, alert, and prepared to handle any situation, such as emergencies or assisting a patient with sundowning behaviors.

Live-in caregivers reside in the patient’s home. Labor laws require them to have eight hours of sleep and adequate sleeping facilities in your home. With this arrangement, live-in caregivers cannot actively supervise your loved one during their rest/sleeping hours.

What does 24-hour senior home care cover?

Our 24-hour senior home caregivers can perform a range of health-related and housekeeping tasks.

Our registered nurses will conduct free in-home consultations so we can discuss your concerns and together design a custom care plan suited to your elderly loved one’s specific condition and preferences.

Some examples of tasks our 24-hour senior caregivers can perform include:

Health-Related Tasks and Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

  • Physical support with personal care activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, oral health care, toileting, and continence

  • Ensuring your loved one takes the right medication and dosage at the right time

  • Taking vital signs (temperature, pulse rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure)

  • Measuring fluid intake and output

  • Changing simple wound dressings

  • Conducting simple urine tests

  • Coordinating and accompanying patients during medical appointments

  • Planning and preparing healthy meals or foods recommended for their specific condition

  • Assisting them while drinking and eating

  • Monitoring their health and alerting family members and Unified Pledge’s supervisory nurses about physical or behavioral changes that may require medical attention

  • Facilitating elderly-friendly exercises or prescribed range of motion exercises

  • Assisting with ambulation

  • Encouraging patients to pursue their favorite activities, play games, and do other activities that will keep them mentally active

  • Offering a listening ear, encouragement, and companionship to help them overcome loneliness, anxiety, or depression

Housekeeping and Other Tasks

  • Routine housekeeping to ensure that your loved one’s bedroom, kitchen, and living areas are clean

  • Light laundry

  • Buying groceries and household necessities

  • Providing transportation during doctor’s appointments and other activities

How do you screen, hire, and supervise your 24-hour caregivers?

All our experienced senior caregivers have gone through a rigorous screening process. Aside from checking their driving records, we do a level 2 FBI background check, which is a state and nationwide fingerprint-based check. This ensures that an applicant has not committed offenses that make them unsuitable for positions that require significant responsibility and trust. Those who pass our meticulous screening become bonded and insured employees of Unified Pledge (they are not our independent contractors). This arrangement ensures that our clients are protected against losses or damages while our caregivers are on duty.

We do our best to assign caregivers who are compatible with your loved one’s personality, medical needs, and home care requirements. We ensure they have the necessary training and skills for the patient’s specific condition, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia care.

We have systems in place for monitoring our home caregivers’ performance. A registered nurse will also provide ongoing supervision to ensure that care plans are thoroughly implemented. In case of emergencies, we have a 24/7 on-call nurse our caregivers can reach for advanced medical assistance.

Choosing a Trustworthy Home Health Agency

Unified Pledge is a leading provider of 24-hour home care solutions in Palm Beach County and Broward County. We offer free, no-obligation in-home consultations, cost estimates, and insurance policy benefit reviews.

We also provide other types of home care services such as in-home senior care, home health aide, in-home nurse care, long-term care, and physical therapy.

Give us a call so we can help you create a custom home care solution for yourself or your loved one.



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