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Long-Term Care in Palm Beach County

Quality Care - The Unified Pledge Way!

Long Term Care encompasses a broad range of medical and non-medical services that are designed to assist someone in maintaining a level of independence, while addressing personal and health care needs. Statistics show that close to 70% of all seniors over age 65 will experience a need for in home long term care services at some time during their retirement.

When the need for service arises, it can often be too time consuming, stressful, or physically demanding for family members.  An aging spouse may have the time but lack the physical ability, while adult children have the ability but have too many obligations.  In addition to this, the person in need of care can sometimes feel burdensome to their family and a little defeated during this period of their retirement.

The majority of these issues that may arise can be alleviated by creating a care plan and path forward with the guidance of a dependable home health agency like Unified Pledge Home Health.  Our team is Unified in its Pledge to assist you and your loved ones in creating a customized plan of care that’s designed to achieve your goals!

Who All Can Benefit from Long-Term Care
  • Individuals with chronic medical conditions that limit their ability to accomplish tasks.

  • Aging seniors requiring basic support to stay independent or for companionship purposes.

  • Aging seniors, experiencing age-related decline in health and functioning, who can benefit from assistance with activities of daily living.

  • People of any age with temporary or permanent disability requiring basic day-to-day support.


As a leading provider for Long Term Care Services in Palm Beach County, we understand that factors like trust, comfort, and satisfaction are critical to both short- and long-term care. To ensure that our clients only need to focus on their health, recovery, and quality of life, we focus on the following so there can be peace of mind with Long Term Care:

  • Consultations are conducted by a Registered Nurse Supervisor.

  • Complimentary Analysis of Long Term Care, Life, or Heath Insurance benefits by a Florida licensed Life/Health Agent.

  • Constant Communication to Patient, Family, and Care Team.

  • Level II FBI Background Checks of all Staff.

  • Driving History Check.

  • On-call Nurse 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Licensed, Bonded, & Insured.

  • A Dedication to Excellence!

NOTE: "We proudly serve the entire Palm Beach County and Broward County"

The Unified Pledge Home Health Advantage

An in home evaluation by one of our registered nurse supervisors, and the provided care plan estimate, are always FREE with Unified Pledge Home Health! Whether you need care now or are just looking for the future, we encourage you to reach out for additional information regarding our in home long-term care services!

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