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In-Home Senior Care in Palm Beach County and Broward County

Quality Care - The Unified Pledge Way!

Most people prefer maintaining their current lifestyle from the comfort of their own home. However, as we progress through retirement, that can become difficult for some without having the benefit of a helping hand around the house.  In-home senior caregivers are there to provide assistance for you or your loved one to maintain independence at home! This comes at a fraction of the cost compared to moving into an independent or assisted living facility.  At Unified Pledge Home Health, we strive to ensure that our clients are able to achieve this goal!

What To Expect With In-Home Senior Care

Assistance given by our in-home senior care providers is considered non-medical home care. This means that electing care is voluntary, and a doctor’s prescription is not required.  These services can range from creating a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment, to providing a mental and emotional uplift through having someone there to interact and spend time with. 

Senior Caregivers are also commonly referred to as Companions. Below is a sample of services provided and things to expect from our Elderly Companion Caregivers:

  • Routine housekeeping to maintain home in a state of cleanliness and safety

  • Assistance with meal planning and preparation

  • Transport to appointments, grocery store, social activities, etc.

  • Daily & Weekly coordination of planned activities, errands, and appointments

  • Laundry & Changing Bed Linens

  • Playing Games & Pursuing Hobbies

  • General Companionship & Support

  • Provide Client, Supervisory Nurse, and Family with documentation of services provided.

  • Alerts Supervisory Nurse & Family of potential shifts in health or mental behavior for further review

​As a leading in-home care agency to Palm Beach County and Broward County, we strive for excellence in care with all of these tasks and many more!

For those requiring a more comprehensive plan of care, we also offer assistance for Home Health Aides & In-Home Nurse Care. CLICK HERE to review those services.

  • Seniors experiencing age-related decline in their health and functioning can benefit from an elderly companion caregiver for basic assistance, such as meal preparation, transport, running errands, and so on

  • Individuals of any age, with a permanent or temporary disability, who require basic day-to-day support at home can also benefit from an in-home senior care.

  • Additionally, seniors looking for an emotional uplift through companionship, will find value.

Who Can Benefit from In-Home Senior Care Service

The Unified Pledge Home Health Advantage

At Unified Pledge, we understand that factors like trust, comfort, and satisfaction are critical to both short and long term care situations. To ensure that our clients only need to focus on their health, recovery, and quality of life, we focus on the following so there can be peace of mind with our in-home senior care service:

  • Level II FBI background checks of all staff

  • Driving history checks

  • Constant communication to patients, family, and care team

  • Registered Nurse supervision is ongoing with every care plan 

NOTE: "We proudly serve the entire Palm Beach County and Broward County"

An in-home evaluation and care plan estimate is always FREE with Unified Pledge Home Health! Whether you need in-home senior care now or are just looking for the future, we encourage you to reach out for additional information regarding our services!

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