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24-Hour Home Care for Seniors

Quality Senior Care - The Unified Pledge Way! 

At Unified Pledge, we recognize that some older adults require round-the-clock monitoring and assistance. They may need 24-hour home care permanently due to age-related decline or chronic illnesses. Other patients need it temporarily as they recover from surgery or while family caregivers take much-needed respite.  


Our 24-hour home care service is designed to ensure your elderly loved one is never left alone or unwatched. Our home care staff work on 12-hour rotations, ensuring that caregivers are awake and alert throughout their shift.  


Round-the-clock home care is a viable alternative for family members who don’t wish to transition their elderly loved ones to long-term care facilities. Seniors receive professional, compassionate care while staying in their homes, surrounded by familiar things that bring them a sense of comfort and security.  

What to Expect from 24-Hour Caregivers 

Our 24-hour caregivers provide the same level of support our senior caregivers and home health aides provide. After assessing the patient’s needs, our registered nurses will create a custom care plan which will be carefully implemented by our home care team. 

Below is a sample of the services our 24-hour caregivers can provide:

  • Physical assistance with functional activities of daily living such as personal hygiene (including bathing, dental care, and grooming), dressing, toileting, continence, eating and ambulating (including assistance with wheelchairs and walkers) 

  • Basic medication management and administration  

  • Accurately measuring vital signs such as temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure 

  • Measuring and recording fluid intake and output 

  • Facilitating light exercise routines for seniors and prescribed range of motion exercises 

  • Routine housekeeping to keep the bedroom, kitchen, and living areas clean and help prevent slip and trip accidents 

  • Planning and preparing healthy meals 

  • Buying medications, groceries, and other essential items  

  • Encouragement and companionship, to help older adults combat loneliness 

  • Playing games, encouraging patients to pursue their hobbies, and facilitating activities to keep them mentally and socially engaged 

  • Coordinating and/or providing transportation to medical appointments and social activities 

  • Monitoring patients’ condition and alerting family members and Unified Pledge’s supervisory nurse about changes in their physical condition or behavior 

Does your elderly loved one require other types of assistance? Contact us to discuss the specific home care support you’re looking for! 

Who Can Benefit from 24-Hour Home Care 

Older adults who have higher fall risks, such as those with: 

  • cognitive impairments 

  • visual disorders 

  • neuromuscular disorders 

  • vertigo 

  • other chronic illnesses 

  • a recent fall injury 

  • medications that affect balance

  • Seniors who wander or sleepwalk 

  • Those with dementia, including Alzheimer’s patients who experience sundowning 

  • Older adults who are prone to depression 


The Unified Pledge Home Health Advantage

As a leading home health agency, we make sure older adults and patients entrusted to our care feel respected and truly cared for. We focus on providing skilled, compassionate service and helping improve our clients’ quality of life. We are committed to becoming your partners in caring for your elderly loved ones.  


To ensure our clients feel safe and know they are in good hands, we also do the following:  

  • Conduct Level II FBI background checks on all our staff 

  • Check their driving records 

  • Constantly communicate with patients, family members, and care team members 

  • Include ongoing registered nurse supervision on all care plans,  

  • 24/7 on-call nurse 


Unified Pledge offers a FREE in-home evaluation by a registered nurse supervisor. We can also provide a 24-hour in-home care plan cost estimate and a complimentary analysis of your insurance benefits.  


If you have questions about our 24-hour home care service or are considering other types of home care assistance, contact us. We’d love to hear from you! 

An in home evaluation and care plan estimate is always FREE with Unified Pledge Home Health! Whether you need care now or are just looking for the future, we encourage you to reach out for additional information regarding our in home skilled nursing care in Palm Beach County!

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