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We are looking for a committed Physical Therapist to act as the patient’s partner throughout the trip of restoring motion and ensuring that the client will function at their personal best. You will maximize the quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment or intervention, and rehabilitation.

  • $50-$70 Per Visit. (Depending on Case and Experience)

  • Flexible Hours – Full & Part Time available

  • Identify and meet patients’ goals and needs

  • Develop care plans using a variety of treatment techniques

  • Provide quality, personalized and evidence-based care and proven interventions

  • Motivate patients during treatment in order to help them function optimally

  • Promote clients’ healthy lifestyle by improving strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination

  • Consult and practice with other health professionals

  • Evaluate effects and monitor and communicate progress

  • Document patient care services

  • 1 years minimum required: Home Health Experience

  • Proven work experience as a physical therapist

  • Intensive education and clinical expertise

  • Ability to manage patients with different types of personalities

  • Current knowledge of treatment practices

  • Valid Drivers license and Level II Background screen required

  • Professional behavior

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills

  • Valid license to practice physical therapy

  • Graduate degree or greater in physical therapy

  • The following CE's: HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's, bio hazard/medical waste

  • Driver’s License

  • Social security card or US passport

  • Malpractice/Professional liability insurance

  • Auto insurance

  • CPR current

  • Tuberculosis tests: PPD or Chest X-ray

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Ability to lift forty (40) pounds. Moving, lifting or transferring of patients. Ability to stand for extended periods. Ability to bend, stoop, stretch, twist, sit, and reach.

To speak with us directly, please contact Human Resources at 561-855-0250 ext. 1.

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