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Post Hospital Recovery: At Home Vs. A Facility

Post Hospital Recovery

If you or your loved one is experiencing an illness or injury that requires hospitalization, afterwards you might be in need of skilled nursing care to help with the healing process. In this situation, you might be considering whether it would be more beneficial to obtain skilled nursing care at home through a home health agency or to go to a skilled nursing facility or rehab center.

There are many differences between receiving skilled nursing care at home vs at a facility, and multiple factors that you should consider when making your decision.

What is Skilled Nursing Care?

Skilled Nursing is a high level of medical care that can only be provided by licensed health professionals, which can be registered nurses, physical, speech, and / or occupational therapists.

Skilled nursing care can be temporary, such as rehabilitation after an illness or injury, or they may be necessary over a longer period of time due to a chronic medical condition.

Since this type of care is prescribed, the care may be partially or fully covered by your health insurance provider depending on the type of plan you have. Any facility or home health agency can easily verify coverages on your behalf.

Services Offered

Skilled Nursing Care encompasses different types of services, and not every agency or facility might offer the specific services that you require.

While services offered by a home health aide or companion can be elected voluntarily by you or your family, when requiring skilled nursing care, it must be prescribed by a doctor or physician.

Once you know what type of specific care is required, you can start your search for a facility or home health agency that offers those particular services. The doctor or hospital may have relationships with certain providers and almost make it feel as if you must use them specifically for your recovery, however this is not the case.

It’s good to reach out to a few different places to make sure you feel comfortable with the prices and care plan they have provided.

When To Consider Home Or A Facility

Skilled nursing services are usually short-term, and have the major benefit of allowing individuals to receive the high-quality care that they need in the comfort of their own home so they can maintain their independence as much as possible.

This is going to be the more cost effective and preferred option for lighter levels of care.

However, sometimes the level of care or equipment required may be beyond what can be provided at home. This is where assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers will make the most sense.

Usually the cost is going to be higher in this situation but should have some or all of the cost covered if the individual has health insurance.

Another option includes nursing homes, also commonly referred to as skilled nursing facilities.

Here, skilled nurse care is available 24/7, and is a good option for those who require high levels of supervision and higher levels of medical care than those provided at assisted living facilities.


In home skilled care through a home health agency will more than likely be the most cost effective if care is only needed for specific purposes and for short periods of time. However, if care and supervision is required more frequently, skilled nursing facilities might be a more cost effective option and offer an upfront cost that is all-inclusive. Overall, it would be beneficial to consult with different agencies and facilities so they can help you and clarify their specific standards and services to help you come up with a decision that would be most beneficial for you. Here is a sample of skilled nursing services we provide at Unified Pledge Home Health ,

• Post Hospital / Surgical Care • Infusion Therapy • Medication Management • Cardiac Care & Administration • Drain Care • Case Management • Urological & Catheter Care • Injections, IV, PICC Line, • Laboratory Tests • Respiratory Care • Advanced Wound Care Wound VAAC • Orthopedic Post-Op Care • Unna Boots • Psychiatric Patient Care • Compression Therapy • Disease Management • Diabetic Wounds (Diabetes, Alzheimers, etc.) • Ostomy Care & Support • Chronic Wounds

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