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Home Care: Misconceptions & Hesitations - Part 1

Home Care Misconceptions

Are you skeptical about home health care? Is it something that you think you or your loved one would benefit from, but feel a little defeated in the thought of someone having to look after you?

As with anything, there are many hesitations and misconceptions surrounding home care that would understandably turn some people away from wanting to get assistance. However, this can be harmful if it turns people away from obtaining help that would be incredibly beneficial for their wellbeing. In this article, we will discuss some potential hesitations and misconceptions surrounding home care and whether or not it could be worth considering.

Having a Caregiver Around is Like Having a Babysitter

Many people might be reluctant to get companion care service from a home health agency due to fear of feeling like they are being babysat and their personal space and time will be invaded. This is a very valid point, since a reliable and responsible care assistant will always want to make sure they are helping you with everything that you might need and provide the adequate supervision.

However, when creating a plan of care for you or your loved one, you can be as specific as you need to in regard to how you would like to be cared for. If contact supervision is not needed and you would prefer to be alone and just notify the caregiver whenever you might require assistance, this is the care that you will receive.

They can also be there to encourage independence, light exercise, and tasks that keep one active. Not every person is the same, and the way that caregivers go about administering their care is arranged to the specific needs and situation.

Home Care is Too Expensive

The potential cost of home care and the idea that it is very expensive can be a crucial contributing factor for those who choose to opt-out of hiring help through an agency.

Some may be under the impression that home health is the more expensive option when compared with the cost of assisted living facilities or nursing homes. However, this is not necessarily the case, and home health can be the most affordable action, not to mention the most preferred by those who are procuring care and convenience. The average cost of staying in these facilities can be up to $4000 a month, while home health agencies can be much more cost efficient due to a flexible hourly charge.

A care plan estimate is developed during the consultation where you or your loved ones specific needs are taken into consideration to organize a set of guidelines that can be implemented so they can be happy and healthy.

Here, you can define how many hours are really necessary and get a cost that isn’t inflated by being at a facility 24 hours per day. Many home health agencies also work with the family and different resources such as insurance companies to be able to offer the most affordable, quality care possible.

Home Care is only For Sick People

This is a very common misconception about home care services that could be a big reason why more individuals don't explore the idea of having an in home caregiver.

While you can obtain advanced nursing care at home if you have a serious illness or are recovering from surgery or a hospital stay, these are not the only services that you can receive from a home health agency. There are a variety of professionals who work with home health agencies whose roles are to provide non-medical care, such as Companions and home health aides.

Companion caretakers and home health aides are there to provide company, support, and assistance with the 6 Activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, and personal care.

Home care can be extremely beneficial for individuals with all sorts of needs, whether that be to be someone to provide emotional support or to accompany on errands and doctors appointments.

The Client Can’t Choose their Caregiver

Another common fear among those who are interested in home care is that they won’t be able to have a say over who their in home caretaker will be. This can be an anxiety inducing thought since not liking the person that your caregiver is would make one feel uncomfortable.

However, though it might take some time to find your ideal caretaker, you always have a choice to replace a caregiver who you do not feel comfortable and cared for around. Additionally, you can always ask to meet the caretaker prior to services starting.

Home Care Doesn’t Work for Individuals with Long-Term Care Needs

Many people might be hesitant when it comes to home health care because of fear that it is only something temporary, however, this is not the case. Many benefit from having a helping hand around the house for years and it keeps them independent!

Home health agencies can accommodate long term needs and most will accept long term care insurance plans.

Those are some of the common misconceptions or hesitations regarding home health care. It is important to be aware of these so they don’t stop you from maintaining independence at home!

If you are interested in possibly hiring a home health professional in the Palm Beach County area or are simply searching for more information on home health care, here at Unified Pledge Home Health, we offer a FREE consultation to review your situation and help you decide what type of care is best suited for it.

Hiring professionals from Unified Pledge comes with the following advantages:

  • Level II FBI background checks of all staff

  • Driving history checks

  • Companions, health aides, LPNs are our direct employees and not independent contractors

  • Constant communication to patients, family, and care team

  • Registered Nurse supervision is ongoing with every care plan

Contact us today for a free consultation by Supervisory Nurse at 561-910-8770.

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