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Visiting Loved Ones with Dementia: A Guide

Visiting a loved one with dementia can be both rewarding and challenging. Here are some essential Dos and Don’ts to consider for making the most out of your visits while ensuring comfort and respect for your loved one: 




Plan Ahead 

Schedule visits during the time of day when your loved one is most alert and comfortable. This can vary depending on their routine and preferences.  


Be Patient 

Approach your loved one with patience and understanding. Remember that dementia can affect memory and cognitive abilities, so be prepared to repeat yourself and provide more gentle reminders. 


Use Simple Language 

Communicate clearly and simply, using short sentences and familiar words. Avoid using complex language or asking too many questions at once. 


Engage in Meaningful Activities 

Plan activities that your loved one enjoys and can participate in comfortably. This includes listening to music, looking at photo albums, or taking a short walk. 


Respect Their Dignity 

Treat your loved one with dignity and respect at all times. Allow them to make choices and express their preferences, even if they may seem trivial.  


Be Present 

Focus on being present in the moment with your loved one. Put away distractions like phones or tablets and give them your full attention.  






Don’t Correct or Argue 

Avoid correcting or arguing with your loved one if they say something that is not accurate or seems confusing. Instead, try to redirect the conversation or validate their feelings. 


Don’t Rush 

Take your time during visits and avoid rushing through activities or conversations. Allow your loved one to set the pace and be patient with any delays or changes in plans. 


Don’t Overwhelm 

Be mindful of your loved one’s limits and avoid overwhelming them with too much stimulation or information. Keep visits short and focus on quality rather than quantity. 


Don’t Take Behavior Personally 

Understand that changes in behavior, such as agitation or aggression, are often symptoms of the disease and not a reflection of your relationship. Stay calm and compassionate in response.  


Don’t Ignore Self-Care 

Remember to take care of yourself as well. Visiting a loved one with dementia can be emotionally taxing, so make sure to prioritize your well-being and seek support when needed.  


By following these Dos and Don’ts, you can create meaningful and positive experiences during your visits with your loved one with dementia. Remember that each person’s experience with dementia is unique, so be flexible and adaptable in your approach. Your presence and support can make a significant difference in their quality of life.  


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