Top 5 Valentine's Day Activities for Seniors

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. And love is definitely in the air. From little kids handing out cards to young adults exchanging chocolates to elderly loved ones spending time with their family. Valentine's Day is a holiday for all ages.

But for elderlies who may be missing their significant other, it can also bring feelings of sadness and longing. Thankfully, there are Valentine's Day activities for seniors to alleviate their sadness. These activities will make the holiday more enjoyable. These are perfect even for aging retirees who may not have a significant other.

Valentine's Day Activities for Seniors

To make these Valentine's Day activities successful, assistance from the family or caregiver may be beneficial. The family can prepare the materials needed for the activities. The caregiver, on the other hand, can assist seniors during the activities. Doing so will ensure their safety and comfort.

Haiku Poetry Workshop

February is the National Haiku Month. Haiku is short-form poetry that follows this format:

Line 1 – 5 syllables

Line 2 – 7 syllables

Line 1 – 5 syllables

It's one of the most mentally-stimulating Valentine's Day activities for seniors. To make it more fun, involve the family. Or invite some of your or your senior loved one's friends over. Or go a step further and invite a girl/boy scout troop to join the workshop.

The participants can then read their haikus aloud. Then they can vote for their favorites.

Valentine's Day Bingo

Make this bingo session more special. Create a Valentine-themed bingo game for the elderly! There are Valentine-themed bingo sheets available online which are ready to print.

Here's how to play:

  • Each player needs to get a different sheet.

  • Take one bingo sheet. Cut out every square picture. Then place all the cutouts in one container.

  • Just like a regular bingo game, the bingo caller will pull out one square from the container.

  • If the picture is on a player's sheet, they will mark that square. Seniors can use crayons or markers.

  • The player wins once they have five colored squares in a row or diagonally.

Romantic Movie Night

If you or elderly loved ones want to have a relaxing Valentine's Day celebration, a romantic movie night might be just the thing.

It's a wonderful activity for senior couples. But for the elderly who's missing their significant other, a family viewing party can alleviate their sadness. Grab some snacks and play feel-good movies. Don't forget the Kleenex for those touching scenes!

Hand Massage and Pampering For Seniors

Make seniors feel extra special this Valentine's Day by setting up a pamper session. You or an elderly loved one can enjoy a spa treatment. This treatment will focus on pain relief, stress management, and relaxation.

But this activity can also be done right at home. For example, a family member or a home health aide can provide hand massages. This is inexpensive yet will make the senior feel loved and calm. Physical touch is essential to the senior's wellbeing. For one, it helps reduce agitation. There's also increasing evidence that it assists in balancing emotions.

So how does this work?

Note: This is best done by a family member or a home health aide.

  • The health aide will ask the senior to sit comfortably. They should be able to relax their arm.

  • Offer them water, juice, or tea. Make sure that the beverage is right for their diet.

  • The health aide will warm the lotion in their hands. They can add a drop of essential oil, like lavender oil, to the lotion.

  • With their thumb, they'll push gently on the palms in upward strokes.

  • They will also massage gently around the wrist bones, knuckles, and fingertips.

Hand massages usually last between five to ten minutes.

Valentine's Day Cooking Workshops

A cooking workshop is another must-have in your Valentine's Day activities for seniors list. Aside from being fun, it also reinforces a senior's sense of independence.

Here's what they can do:

  • Make heart-shaped pancakes: Pancakes are easy to make. Seniors can easily mix ingredients and they don't need to use knives that might pose safety risks.

  • Chocolate waffles: Just like pancakes, these are easy to make. For the ingredients, they can use low-sugar batter and add unsweetened cocoa powder. This will make the waffles relatively safe for a senior's diet.

Ensure Safety During These Valentine's Day Activities for Seniors

For aging retirees to fully enjoy these activities, the assistance of a home health aide may be beneficial. The home health aide can assist in walking or with mobility devices. These professionals can also ensure the senior's safety to prevent slip and fall accidents.

If you're considering homecare services for you or your loved one, Unified Pledge Home Health provides a FREE consultation.

So don't be shy and ask questions!

A reputable home health agency will perform a complementary in-home care assessment done by a registered nurse. With this assessment, you or your aging loved one can decide what kind of homecare services will best.

Hiring professionals from Unified Pledge comes with the following advantages:

  • Level II FBI background checks of all staff

  • Driving history checks

  • Companions, health aides, LPNs are our direct employees and not independent contractors

  • Constant communication to patients, family, and care team

  • Registered Nurse supervision is ongoing with every care plan

Contact us today for a FREE consultation by a Supervisory Nurse at 561-910-8770.


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