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5 Signs that Your Elderly Loved One May Need In-Home Senior Care

Seniors aren't always honest about the difficulties they face when living alone. Your elderly relative may not want you to worry about his or her health problems, or he or she may be afraid of having to leave home.

Individuals age differently. One person might be able to live on their own until they are well into their 80s, while another might require in-home care many years before that. You should find out whether your loved one needs senior in-home care if you notice any of the following signs. Even if your loved one insists that they can manage just fine on their own, hiring home care is not always an easy decision for many families. So, when should you be insistent?

What are the Signs that your Senior Loved One May Need In-Home Senior Care?

There are telltale signs that an elderly loved one might need and greatly benefit from in-home senior care assistance.

1. Mobility Issues

If your elderly loved one finds it hard to move around independently, it can be wise to think about hiring an in-home caregiver to assist them. More than one-third of older adults fall each year in the United States, and up to 30% of those who fall will sustain moderate to severe injuries. These injuries are unpredictable and can permanently injure them. Your senior loved one will have a much better chance of staying healthy and in their preferred environment if a fall is avoided in the first place. In addition to lending a helping hand when moving around and ascending stairs, a caregiver can act as an extra set of eyes to make sure the house is as secure as possible.

2. Struggling with Daily Tasks

It may be time to seek assistance if you see that your loved one's once-clean home is now cluttered and dusty, that their bills are unpaid, or that they are neglecting their hygiene. Older adults frequently discover that daily tasks, planning, and organization, as well as personal care, become more difficult or even dangerous. This could be because of mobility restrictions or cognitive changes. In-home senior care will aid in finishing these tasks and lessen the hassle for seniors.

3. Difficulty with Meals and/or Meal Prep

As seniors age, their bodies need the proper nutrients to maintain good health and they mostly get it from eating the right foods. If your elderly loved one suddenly lost interest in cooking and preparing food or stopped eating regular meals, they might need some assistance. It is common for our appetite and metabolism to change as we age but getting the proper daily nutrition is important. When hiring a caregiver, it lessens the stress of always planning out the next meal or the fatigue from buying groceries and cooking. In-home care also caters to the specific needs of its clients, ensuring that your loved one is always satisfied.

4. Loneliness and Isolation

Seniors often experience the loss of old friends and with mobility issues on top of that, they can find it hard to socialize and find people to talk to. In-home caregivers can assist them in traveling and meeting people, old or new. Unified Pledge’s in-home senior caregivers also provide companionship to ease loneliness and prevent social isolation.

5. Memory Problems

In-home care may be required if a person exhibits forgetfulness or other memory loss-related behaviors. When a senior starts forgetting to pay bills, take important medicine, miss doctor’s or dentist’s appointments, and keep up with mail, it shows that they might need assistance from in-home senior care.

As difficult as it is, a lot of us need to accept the fact that our senior loved ones need extra assistance, especially when we can’t put a big chunk of our time, effort, and focus into taking good care of them. Caregivers are flexible and will cater to the very specific needs of their clients with no hassle at all.

In Need of In-Home Senior Care?

Unified Pledge has you covered!

Unified Pledge is a leading provider of in-home senior care solutions in Palm Beach County and Broward County. We offer free, no-obligation in-home consultations, cost estimates, and insurance policy benefit reviews.

We also provide other types of home care services such as in-home nurse care, and physical therapy.

Give us a call at 561-800-4581 so we can help you create a custom home care solution for yourself or your loved one.



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